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18 St. Hostel

Address: Rua 18, N 505 4500-250 Espinho Portugal

Phone: (+351) 910 692 549

E-mail: info@18sthostel.com

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 41.0087222 or 41º 0′ 3140” N
Longitude: – 8.6413806 or 8º 38′ 2897” W

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Shall I bring money with me

The town of Espinho has plenty of ATM´s where you can withdraw Money, you might be charge a fee so check with your bank how much the charged for international withdraw is. Most Shops restaurants and supermarktes accept debit and credit cards.

Rent a car

You won’t need a car for your holiday, the Hostel is very close to town and everything is in walking distance: supermarkets, restaurants, bars, beaches, etc. However if you do want to rent a car you should do it at the airport.

What shall I pack

We will provide you with bed clothing. 18stHouse will provide you towels, but you can bring your own.

Things you shouldn’t forget: Bikinis/Swimsuits/Boardshorts, flip-flops beach towel, something warm (hoodie or jumper) specially for the nights, sun block even in months that you are not expecting to get a sunburn, aftersun and of course your sunglasses. But most important: bring your smile 😉

What about nightlife

Espinho has many caffes, restaurante and bars that stay open late so you can enjoy your nights. There is also a Casino, open until 4am. Don´t spend all your money there 😉

Are there alternative transports to get to Espinho

You can also get to us by taxi (55€ average from the airport), by train, you will need to get the Tube (Subway) at the airport to a Station called Campanhã and from there the train to Espinho, that will take more or less 20 minuts for 3€.

Do you have lockers?

We do. You can bring a padlock or borrow one from us.

Mapa 18 St. Hostel