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A century-old house

A century-old house located in the centre of Espinho, where you will find the beach and a long coastline to explore just a minute away, but also the opportunity to experience the characteristic sides of the local culture, within walking distance, through the Monday Market and the mandatory arrival of fishermen boats while you choose the freshest fish for dinner.

The house is invaded every day by a wide range of colours full of energy, making this your peaceful place even if it is in the centre of the city.

Double, Common Rooms, Kitchen, Recreation Room: all you need to make the 18 St. Hostel “your home” while you’re here.

Join the 18St. Hostel family and live the dream!

18 St. Hostel - The Host
The Host Diogo

Diogo is a 38 year-old guy, with great pride of the work he has developped for the last 12 years as a financial director. He ran away from that complicated micro-system, to say the least, that are banks, financial markets and above all, from the words “I don’t have Money”.
After several national and international experiences on tourism alongside the pleasure of travelling, eating and meeting people with good vibes, he decided to share and give all the good things that exist in this corner of Europe, PORTUGAL.
Being happy with less, enjoying the simplicity of life with everything it has and at the same time, sharing with other people good moments helped him embrace this new project.
Living the dream is his great goal and to do so, big mamma, big pappa, the bro, the people with good vibe, the surf, the sun, the beach, Porto’s Football Club, the “francesinha”, the guests and the 18th St Hostel will help.